Standard Bubble Viscometer

ویسکومتر گاردنر (ویسکومتر استاندارد حبابی)

Standard Bubble Viscometer (Stokes)

Rheology is the science of the flow and deformation of materials and is concerned with the relationship between shear stress, ​including the subject of viscosity. Viscosity is the measurement of internal friction or flow resistance by external forces. Viscosity is the ratio of shear force to shear rate, which is expressed in the following equation:

F= Force




One of the simplest methods for determining kinematic viscosity is the bubble method by using standard viscosity tubes. This method is intuitive, convenient and fast and can be easily learned by technical and non-technical personnel. Kinematic viscosity is measured by the time required for a certain volume of bubble to pass through the liquid along the tube. The relationship between absolute and kinetic viscosity is as follows, where p is the density

v = n/p

In the production process of many plymers and resins, viscometer is one of the most important tools for measuring the viscosity of the resin during the production process.In most time growthing polymer chain and molecular weight is analysing by viscometers.

 Bubble viscometer in Stokes unit is one of the most widely used viscometers in the process of production process of transparant resins and polymers such as Alkyd, acrylic, polyols and etc. For more than thirty years, Syntive has been proud to produce this type of viscometer, which has been widely used in many industries.

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